Thursday, October 11, 2007

King Crimson Haiku

Tony Levin is
My beautiful Adonis
Bass causing rapture

A Dream.......

A King Crimson dream in the night: KC was on stage but I was not fully set up & with almost no monitors, so was unable to hear Adrian if I were playing. Well. King Crimson dreams are rarely enjoyable, and go back at least 32 years.

I turned to Ade and noticed he had no pants on...I have seen him to my right for 25 years but tonight my heart raced. Why tonight would i have such a reaction? Ade and I are professionals, and have always acted as such. But tonight everything meant so much more.
And tonight, just for tonight, I will allow the audience to photograph and blow cigarette smoke at ade's ponytail!

Something about the wisps of smoke dancing around the regal crest of hair was mesmerizing and i realized today that although i live, I now feel truly ALIVE!